Turks Wave Cafe

Turks Wave Café is a traditional Home style dinning with multiple local dishes.
Our primary objectives are to be the best restaurant in the Turks and Caicos Islands by providing quality meals at reasonable prices ,we meanly focus on serving breakfast and Lunch and also an a evening menu with exemplary services and Customers loyalty satisfactions .

Island Food Trends

Just the thought of a plate of some homemade Turks & Caicos native food is enough to make your mouth water. Now, we are not talking about the new “fast food” culture of deep fried chicken wings and french fries drowned in hot sauce and catsup! No, we are talking about the real deal. Dishes like Peass & Rice and Okra Soup. Dry Conch & Hominy. Cod Fish Cakes and Corn Bread. Stew Conch with Peas and Hominy. Chicken Soup and Pork Souse, Boil Fish & Johnny Cake, Steam Conch, Stew Fish & Grits . . . and the list goes on.

Egg Benedict

Hot Plate Jerk Chickken

Gob Salad

Latte Drink

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